Openbravo University Terms & Conditions
Attendance/enrolment at an Openbravo Training course or certification and/or use of the Openbravo University website (currently at entails acceptance of the terms and privacy policy set out herein. Online sales of courses and participation in the virtual campus are also subject to the general website terms and conditions set out at
Students are recommended to read carefully these terms.
Information provided during registration for a course or certification or generally any other information submitted in Openbravo University website must be true, up-to-date, accurate and complete. Students warrant the accuracy and completeness of any information filled in the form and/or questionnaires necessary to register for the services.
Access to the Openbravo courses and University website is personal, and you may not give or provide access to this area to any individual or entity except as provided under this agreement. Access to restricted areas and/or use of Openbravo University website contents after logging in with a password will be deemed to be performed by the corresponding user, who will be held liable for any damages arisen from access or use with full indemnity to Openbravo SLU. Please inform us of any circumstance that may entail a risk of access and/or use by an unauthorized individual. Use of the Openbravo University website entails acceptance of the Openbravo online terms and conditions available at
Support for online training and certification services is provided during working hours in Spain, i.e. Monday to Thursday 9AM to 6PM, CET, and Friday 9AM to 3PM, CET. We will respond within one working day from the moment a forum post or inquiry is submitted. Please note that we do our best to provide responses within a few hours (as well as on weekends), though not obliged to do so.
The duration of online courses and certification exams is strictly enforced as per each individual program. You must read and follow the published dates and times in order to be able to complete online courses and exams on time. Overdue / late submissions will not be considered without justification, which may or may not be accepted at Openbravo’s discretion. Latecomers may join online courses at their own discretion, however we will not pro-rata their access or credentials, nor extend course or examination dates.
Property Rights
Materials made available or delivered to the students within the Openbravo Training program are (c) Openbravo S.L.U. 2007-2016 and/or its licensors. Students may not use, modify, distribute or communicate the materials to the public, including uploading to Internet, in any way other than for the purposes of their own participation in the Openbravo courses or certifications.
Students shall not disclose the materials to any third party, and shall prevent the unauthorised use, access, disclosure, publication or dissemination so as to protect the secrecy of and avoid unauthorised use of the materials to the same degree that they protect their own confidential information and in no event less than reasonable care.
Any announcement, comment, opinion, declaration or recommendation made within the context of the Training Course shall exclusively be attributable to the students expressing such points of view. In no circumstances shall such announcements, comments, opinions, declarations or recommendations be attributable to Openbravo S.L.U.
Student Content
Openbravo University website provides services to users that allow them to post content on the Internet through the web site, i.e. distribution lists, chat rooms, newsgroups, forums, blogs, etc. ("interactive service"). You must provide and use such content in accordance with current legislation, the terms and conditions governing this website, moral values and respectful and peaceful behaviour. In particular but without limitation, use of this website for the purposes, or having the consequences, set out below (without limitation) is strictly forbidden:
    (a) Infringement of fundamental rights and public liberties established by the Constitution, international treaties or other legal codes.
    (b) Acts of a criminal, degrading, defamatory, slanderous or violent nature, any unlawful, immoral or disrespectful act, or any act that breaches the peace.
    (c) Violation of intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to third parties, disclosure of business secrets of third parties, infringement of personal honour, personal/family intimacy or personal image rights, or when any such infringement is foreseeable.
Openbravo reserves the right to remove any infringing materials and exclude the user from the interactive service without prior warning should the user perform any of the above-mentioned activities.
Openbravo S.L.U. warrants that it has used commercially reasonable efforts to prepare the materials so that they do not contain substantive material mistakes and that it has the right to disclose the materials to students. If any material inaccuracy or mistake in the materials is reported by students, Openbravo S.L.U. responsibility and students’ sole remedy is the correction or replacement of the course materials by Openbravo S.L.U.
Openbravo S.L.U. reserves the right to exclude any student from the Training course or certification without prior warning should a student be found to breach any of these terms.
Students’ personal data on the registration form will be stored on a file under the responsibility of Openbravo S.L.U. All such data will be treated with absolute confidentiality, in accordance with these terms, the Openbravo Privacy Policy at and the Spanish laws on data privacy, a copy of which may be consulted by you at the course venue, for presence based courses. The data is processed for the performance of the Openbravo Training services and the management of any future services and products that are offered by Openbravo to the students. Data may be stored in servers under the control of Openbravo outside the European Economic Area and may be transferred to third parties when required by law or administrative order or to organizations that may purchase part or all of the assets of the company or successors in title to the same. By signing this form, students accept and expressly authorise Openbravo to collect and process this personal data in accordance with these terms. Students also expressly consent to receive communications (electronic or otherwise) from Openbravo S.L.U. regarding the company’s products and services and associated matters. Students may exercise their right to access, rectify, oppose and cancel this processing by addressing Openbravo S.L.U. in writing at PO Box 5117, 31010 Pamplona, Navarra, Spain, or by email to For this purpose, they must provide their name and surname, and a photocopy of their identity card for the purpose of verifying identity, and the action that is requested from Openbravo S.L.U.
These terms are supplemental specific terms to the Terms of Use, available at:
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